28th of September: a day to remember

As an industrial engineer in the making the technology of brewing is one of the main attractions of my masters. On top of that I’m a beer lover, whether it’s a stout, an ale or just a normal lager I’ll definitely enjoy every sip.
As of this I will dedicate this blog to the craftsmanship of beer. So don’t worry, whether you’re a foreigner who stumbled upon my blog or you have the Belgian blood running through your veins, everyone can appreciate a good (Belgian) beer.

What’s better to kick-start my first post than with some fresh news facts. Belgians pride and joy AB InBev, the world’s largest brewery, has gotten green light to take over the world’s second largest brewery, SABMiller.

Almost 98% of the shareholders of SABMiller have given permission for the takeover with a price of 91.5 billion euros. Imagine all the beer you could buy with that money.
To ensure that AB InBev doesn’t become a monopoly on the beer market they agreed to sell a couple of beer brands as it already has 6 of the 10 most bought global beers.
With this takeover AB InBev will sell over 30% of the worlds beer volume and will also gain a big advantage in Africa which is seen as a key market for growth. After this takeover  Heineken will be the second biggest beer company with around 9.5% of the world’s beer production.


World’s top 10 beer producers by volume, in billions of liters. Source: The Wall Street Journal

AB InBev is known for its variety of beers both on global and local scale. A few global brands that you’ll definitely know are Stella Artois, Budweiser and Corona. Some of the more localized yet still international brands are Beck’s, Hoegaarden and Leffe. As for local beers, well I don’t really need to specify this as every student in Belgium will know the beer Jupiler. It’s your best friend on a Thursday night and your worst nightmare the morning after as you lay hungover on your bed (or the floor).


World’s most popular beer brand in every country. Scource: Vinepair

After all this writing and economics related news I will treat myself to a nice, cold beer.
Be sure to stick around for further updates as this blog will get a lot more scientific (and thus interesting).

~Blanckey The Brewer



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